Where do these interviews come from?
These interviews come from the interviewer themselves who may have worked in the media and has retained their work.

How do they become mp3?

First of all the material is transferred from their original source (cassette/mini Disc/Reel to Reel DAT) onto MP3 file. Then they get tweaked to remove the hiss (if required) and the levels are enhanced to improve the quality.

Are they copyrighted?
Yes they may be, however you can download a MP3 which was transferred from the original source. If you are using these for academic or for private use they are free to be used and do not incur copyright infringement.  However, any re-broadcast or re-publishing of these works without permission may be deemed copyright infringement. Interviews Archive is not responsible if you decide to re-broadcast or re-publishing this material without obtaining legal clearance from the owner or the parties involved.  We can provide you with contact details of the interviewer/owner yet we do not claim any of this is 'cleared' material per say.

I used to work for a newspaper/magazine and have kept all my interviews as back up on cassette.  Can I host these files on your site?
It depends, if you were employed directly by the newspaper or if you were a freelancer.  If you were employed directly by the newspaper all work completed may be owned by the employer.  In freelancing, stories or articles are sold to the newspaper yet the research/notes/interviews may  not be owned by the newspaper which publishes the story.  Its also important to check or read over any contracts / agreements you may have signed before submitting any material to our site which may conflict with Interviews Archive hosting the material

I have some audio interviews would you be interested in hosting these?
Yes.   We are trying to gather interviews from people working in Music, Film, Sports, Writers & Entertainment fields on this site.  It's best to use the contact page and give us information as to how you can upload to this site. 


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