interviewsarchive is a library which collects & stores audio interviews as a resource for researchers, academics, broadcasting, publishing or for private use.  Often media interviews are recorded, used once and then lost forever. At the time there is little thought considered for needing to keep these interviews.  As time progresses, these original audio interviews become invaluable reference material which are the jewels for any future researcher.

While in the process of researching a documentary I found some source material which was located in a government owned radio archive. In order to get a copy of the material a large fee was involved and an enormous paperwork trail was inherited to use any of these works on the project.  It dawned on me that the majority of sound /audio archives worldwide usually dwell in government owned enterprises and very few if any are privately owned. Independent Journalists interview artists/performers on a regular basis and therefore this overlooked resource could easily be collectively pooled together in building a brand new audio library. It is with this concept that I have set up Interviews Archive with the purpose of storing these works, cataloging material for research.  The intention is to have the largest non-corporate owned archive of interviews collected from a variety of independent sources for download .  

Craig Barnes 2007 interviewsarchive

If you have worked in the media or happen to have a collection of interview and are looking to share your work consider interviewsarchive hosting your material.


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